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Past Life Reading Psychics

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The Benefits of a Past Life Reading?

pastlivesLife triggers

Many circumstances in life will trigger a need for a past life reading. In general, the individual is unable to pinpoint the root, or cause of their problem/issue in this lifetime, and need to go back to the source to acknowledge the circumstances connected with the beginning of the issue(s), come to understand them, choose to see them in a different light, release them, fill the void with love and acceptance, heal, and bring that healing forward into the current lifetime.

The following are some of the circumstances that might show the need for a past life reading:

  • Issues within a relationship – whether it is familial, significant other, friendship, co-worker, mentor, or teacher.
  • Having a pattern of the same type of relationship, and relationship issues, coming back into your life.
  • Health issues that seem to have no discernable cause, and are not able to be treated with our current understanding of medicine.
  • Financial issues that cloud our lives.
  • Career issues – the inability to settle on a specific career, or to succeed in your chosen career.
  • The inability to accept success.
  • A lack of self-confidence that remains no matter how much work the individual does on themselves.
  • The inability to access your creative nature.
  • Addictive behaviors – whether they involve drugs, alcohol, sexual behavior or eating disorders.
  • Inability to find a supportive spiritual path.
  • Recurrent nightmares.
  • Fears and obsessions that seem to have no cause in this life.


14580422What attitude do you take into the reading?

A reading – even a past life reading – is a collaboration between the reader and the Seeker. It is the job of the reader to provide a safe, nurturing environment for the reading. They act as the “middleman”, helping the Seeker to bring out the images in their own mind, to see what they symbolize, and how they connect to this life. From that point on, the work is on understanding the material that has been reviewed, accepting it, forgiving ourselves and anyone else that might have been involved, sending out unconditional love, allowing ourselves to heal, and bringing that healing forward into our current lifetime.

The Seeker does not need to believe in past lives – they only need to enter into the reading with an open mind. Whatever comes up will act to clear them of negative emotional and mental conditioning, and allow them to take control of their lives.

What to expect from a past life reading

shutterstock_110152262Looking into the past will tell us how we got where we are, why we are here, what skills and abilities we carry with us, and why we have both the opportunities and the challenges that we do in this lifetime.

Everything that affects us has a trickle down effect – it affects not only the area of our life that it appears in, but it has some affect on all other areas as well. When we address past life issues, we can fully expect to be learning about how we deal with issues of personal security, creativity, individual expression, personal values and belief systems, how we deal with relationship, our sense of responsibility, how we view others, how we define personal success, why we have the goals that we do, why we follow the life path that we do, how we express our personal power – and much more.

In asking for a past life reading, we are agreeing within ourselves that we cannot move forward with the knowledge that we currently have, that we need a more in depth look at ourselves if we are to heal and move forward, and – in some way – we realize that the changes we are going to experience will change us, and change our lives, forever.


The need for a past life reading appears when an individual is unable to progress in their life – when they are faced with obstacles and blocks that they are unable to work through in a waking, conscious manner. This is the time when we need to access our unconscious selves, and tap into memories that we carry of past lives.

When we can clearly see the root of our issue(s), we can come to understand them, forgive them, see them in a more positive manner, heal, and bring that healing forward into our present life. The event that caused the pattern of thinking cannot be erased – it is in the past, it has already happened. However, we can choose to see it in a more positive light, forgive ourselves and others that may have been involved, bring in unconditional love, forgive, heal, and move that healing forward.

We also come away with the benefit of seeing how we progressed spiritually. With this knowledge, we can reacquaint ourselves with our own skills and abilities, and perhaps choose a slightly different path for our spiritual progression.

We walk away from a past life reading with a greater sense of peace and harmony than we may have ever experienced.

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